Welcome to SMP Taruna Bakti’s Virtual Commencement, Pawidya 2020

The virtual commencement honoring SMP Taruna Bakti Class of 2020 was held on Saturday, July 18, 2020. This commencement included addresses from SMP Taruna Bakti principal, chairman of the Students Council, the representatives of 2020 graduates of SMP Taruna Bakti, supervisory board of Bandung Education office, General Manager of Taruna Bakti Foundation, The vice principal for accademic affairs, The vice principal for students affairs, The vice principal for administration affairs, home room teachers of 9 grade students, school conselour of 9 grade students, and school comittees. Moreover, this virtual commencement was also filled with special performances by Humaira Gea and Georgetta Satchel, and 9 grade representatives of SMP Taruna Bakti, Anandya Pradipa Firman and Aspasya Putri Munggarani.

Although we were not able to celebrate this commencement in person, we were enthusiastic to virtually gather in honor of our students’ accomplishment and success.

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